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Meet The Woman Who Helped Hundreds Succeed In STEM


“People think diversity is just a number you have to achieve,” Maung-Gaona says. “It’s not about that — it’s about culture of belonging and access to opportunities, and so much more.” - Sandra Diaz, MENG Curator

Recent studies show that diverse groups of scientists may be more successful in problem solving than homogenous groups. It’s troubling, then, that onl

About Sandra Diaz

Sandra Diaz, founder of DIAZ&CO., equips teams to do more with less by simultaneously meeting the needs of mainstream shoppers while catering to U.S. Hispanics. Drawing on over 15 years of experience as a marketing executive at L’Oréal Paris, Sears, Sara Lee, and Colgate Palmolive plus a Kellogg MBA, Sandra delivers strategic solutions and business training that equips DIAZ&CO. clients to effectively capitalize on Hispanic market growth.

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