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AMA Executive Circle is a national network of top-level marketing executives. The organization is devoted to enhancing its members’ professional skills, relationships, and knowledge and prides itself on a culture of genuine camaraderie.

The cost is only $300 annually to join! Apply Now!


  • AMA Executive Circle Member Profile

  • Benefits of AMA Executive Circle Membership

  • Membership Requirements

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  • Become a Member

  • Most are current or former VPs, SVPs, CMOs, COOs and Presidents
  • Currently 84% have Fortune 500 experience 70% have graduate or post-graduate degrees
  • Over 50% received degrees from one of the top-20 Business Schools
  • Over 21% of AMA Executive Circle members have attended an Ivy League School

  • Access to an exclusive group of accomplished and connected sales and marketing professionals
  • FREE and discounted access to professional resources worth thousands of dollars
  • “Requests” system that gets you answers from experienced executives – Fast
  • Knowledge base and ongoing education from leaders in sales and marketing
  • Learn more about our Members Benefits

  • BASE SALARY of $135,000 or more at some point in your professional career
  • EXECUTIVE LEVEL position with a primary emphasis on Sales or Marketing

The purpose of AMA Executive Circle Chapters provide an opportunity for members to network with peers, exchange local company information, provide industry news, swop search ideas, trade local resources, develop more personal relationships and bond in small groups.  Find a chapter

Experience networking on a whole new level.

Ever wish you had a team of marketing colleagues willing to share their expertise to help you be more successful? That’s what you’ll experience here at the AMA Executive Circle. More than just a portal to some of the most brilliant minds in marketing and an invaluable resource for continuous learning and development, AMA Executive Circle is a community of warm and caring individuals who are committed to helping each other succeed.

It’s a dynamic, trustworthy and vibrant community that is sure to be even better with you a part of it. Isn’t it time you add more than 600 executive marketing brains to yours?

The cost is only $300 annually to join! Apply Now!

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