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About AMA Executive Circle

The American Marketing Association Executive Circle is a national network of experienced, top-level marketing executives. Formerly known as MENG, this community group of the AMA is devoted to enhancing its members’ professional skills, relationships and knowledge while building a culture of genuine camaraderie.

The AMA is the largest professional marketing association in the world working to discover the next best practices in the industry. We’re the non-profit home for marketing’s students, scholars, professionals and executives who care about influencing the industry.

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  • Most are current or former VPs, SVPs, CMOs, COOs and Presidents
  • Currently 84% have Fortune 500 experience 70% have graduate or post-graduate degrees
  • Over 50% received degrees from one of the top-20 Business Schools
  • Over 21% of AMA Executive Circle members have attended an Ivy League School

  • Instant connection to a network of seasoned experts ready to answer your questions
  • Free OneSource database access with a listing of nearly 1 million companies
  • Access to the AMA Executive Circle Knowledge Base library full of helpful content produced by senior executives
  • Exclusive AMA articles, webcasts, e-books and original research curated from marketing’s top thought leaders
  • 100+ toolkit templates and dashboards for quicker, smarter decision-making
  • A subscription to Marketing News magazine plus one other AMA publication of your choice
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While there are no requirements to join the American Marketing Association, we do have a couple of conditions for being a part of the Executive Circle member group. The distinctions help us make sure the AMA Executive Circle remains a community that meets the unique needs of seasoned professionals. Minimum requirements include:

  • BASE SALARY of $135,000 or more at some point in your professional career
  • Executive level position with a primary emphasis on Sales or Marketing

There are 70+ AMA professional chapters in North America. You’ll find these are communities that not only provide in-person networking and training opportunities, but also a place where you can lead and mentor other aspiring marketers.

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When you become a member of the AMA Executive Circle, it’s like adding a team of friendly advisors ready to share their expertise to help you become more successful. At the same time, you can give back by sharing your knowledge, too.

You have unique questions. Get specialized answers.

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