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Chapters Leadership

MENG has local chapters in 13 major cities in the continental United States. The purpose of MENG Chapters is to provide an opportunity for members to:

  • Network with peers
  • Exchange local company information
  • Provide industry news
  • Swap search ideas
  • Trade local resources
  • Develop more personal relationships and bond in small groups

Here are MENG’s Chapter Leader

Matt Gill

Boston Chapter Chair

Juli Bohm

Chicago Chapter Chair

Daniel Gwartz

Connecticut Chapter Co-Chair

Ann Marshman

Connecticut Chapter Co-Chair

Beth Somplatsky-Martori

Dallas Chapter Chair

Joan McGeough

New Jersey Chapter Co-Chair

Young Mi Park

NYC Chapter Co-Chair

Sharon Lewis

NYC Chapter Co-Chair

Karen Hochman

NYC Chapter Chair Emeritus

Annie Ellicott

Northern CA Chapter Co-Chair

Duff Reiter

NorCal Chapter Co-Chair

Gregory Gaines

Orange County Chapter Chair

Mary-Kay Demetriou

LA Chapter Co-Chair

Renee Miller

LA Chapter Co-Chair

Frank Dreier

South Florida Chapter Co-Chair

David Sanderson

South Florida Chapter Co-Chair

Robin Bowers

Washington DC Chapter Chair

Linda Kempin

DC Chapter Vice Chair
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