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What Is Your Network Value?

Human Hand Drawing Network Value Scheme On The WhiteboardI am a marketing solopreneur. I am known as a big networker.

It took many years to build my network value. I spent many morning meetings when other people were getting out of bed and many evening presentations when people were watching reality TV.

I network for financial currency and social currency.

I often wonder what the network value truly is.I remember reading years ago in the Old Normal an article by Harvey MacKay who said that your data base is worth more than your 401K. There were times in the New Normal when my 401K wasn’t worth much and neither was the value of my house or my network value. But eventually the source of my income came from my network. It was the only thing that I could count on for value.

I got an email from a stranger the other day.They lived in a nearby city and were coming to Orange County. They worked for a company that designed software and apps. They were planning a trip to my neck of the woods and wanted to buy me a cup of coffee so they could get my perspective on the area.

I have one cup of coffee a day.

It is a tall decaf latte with two raw sugars. It costs $2.75 at Starbucks. My coffee consumption increases if I am in Argentina. I have it at Florida Garden in the morning. It is a very simple place. Oh, I miss my café con leche with the hot milk. They don’t do decaf in Argentina.

I have spent twenty years getting a perspective on my area. I know it like the back of my hand. I know thousands of people. I live in a village of three million in Orange County. I live with an attitude of engagement. I know many prospects that I could connect this stranger with. If I took the meeting he would be driving up to see me. He would be on the company payroll all the time of his drive. He would file an expense report for the coffee and the mileage. My compensation would be a cup of coffee.

I saw an interesting infographic the other day. I like infographics.

To visualize is to realize.

It stated that the network value of a Facebook share which is probably ignored by most people is $14. I could probably share ten contacts with this person. The same infographic stated that the network value of a Facebook Like was $8. The network value of a Twitter Tweet was worth $5.00.

Now I give away my network all the time…

To people in transition, to students, and to people that I have a relationship with. But in the New Normal giving away your network to people who want you to do their work for free for them is simply a bad deal.

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About Hank Blank

Hank Blank started his career in Canada working on McDonald’s at DDB. Hank then worked at JWT in Toronto and Chicago where he worked for ten years. JWT’s Chicago office opened in 1891 and closed a couple of years ago during the Great Recession. Hank now works in the New Normal. Check him out at the links below or use Google.

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  • santosh
    January 19, 2017 - 01:51 Reply

    Big network is essential for a business man. Nice post

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