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Bloggers Are People, Too

The latest Technorati research reports that blogs, bloggers, and influencers rank very high with consumers on trust, popularity, and influence despite the Bloggers Influences Buyersfact that brands are not spending proportionately to their impact.  Blogs actually rank among the top five for “most trustworthy” sources, outweighing Twitter in shaping opinion and Facebook for impacting purchase decision.

Bloggers Are Influencing Brands’ Reputations and Consumers

Consumers, in fact, turn to blogs when looking to make a purchase, ranking them as the third most influential digital resource and trailing only behind retail and brand sites.

So the question is:  Are the best bloggers pinning, posting, tweeting, uploading, and promoting your brand?  And, if not, why not?

I would submit that, in addition to the fact that appropriate resources are not being spent on influencers, many brands aren’t properly engaging with bloggers.  Many are leaving it to their PR agencies to send out digital press releases to their “list of bloggers” in the hope that they with pick up “the story” and share it.

So, here’s the problem with that strategy—it is old think.  It reeks of pushing and not pulling.  And, truth be told, at the end of the day, bloggers are people too.  They, like your consumers, want to have meaningful relationships with brands, relationships that are built on trust and two way conversations.

Gone are the days of brands pushing out marcom messages.  Influencers crave two things—to be “in the know” and to “be heard.”  Accepting this truth allows you to treat bloggers, like today’s consumers, with respect and understand what drives them.

Bloggers want interesting and relevant content.  Bloggers want their opinions respected.  Bloggers want to be “in the know” and to “be heard.”  Knowing this allows you to engage bloggers in a meaningful way—for them and for your brand.

Instead of pushing out that digital press release, find out which bloggers are inherently interested in your brand, share compelling and relevant information, invite them in, give them reason to share your story, and make it easy for them to do so.

It’s not hard and the results will surprise you.

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About Karen Ticktin

Karen Ticktin is the co-founder of agency~MOANA, a full service social media agency. After close to 20 years on the brand side, she established her own brand consultancy and entered the social space in 2005. She has partnered with brands like Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Hasbro, Domino Foods, Kraft and Diageo.

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