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What I Learned as an Executive and Career Coach

Following an exciting 23 year career at major ad agencies, Citibank, and two other companies in NYC and San Francisco, I became an executive recruiter at a five partner retained search firm, LGES, for nine years.

Every day, smart and accomplished executives from a range of industries and positions interviewed with us for challenging positions in the new internet firms that were sprouting up throughout California in the 1990s.

I noted, with a degree of dismay, how many of these great people were unprepared to present their candidacies to us.  They did not know or explain themselves very well (that famous “tell me about yourself” that many candidates flub) and their goals, they could not clearly describe why they felt they were a good solution to the search, and they all too often assumed that we would simply “help them get the job.”

Why Become a Career Coach?

So, in 2002, I set out to help executives:

  1. reach a better understand themselves and their goals.
  2. develop and present persuasive and powerful presentations of themselves through creating stronger action plans and tools (resumes, bios, 60-second elevator speeches, convincing out-reach emails, etc).
  3.  implement their search in a thoughtful, proactive, and energetic process.

Early this year, I decided to put everything I think I know about creating and driving a successful career into a book.  It is really a compilation of my life’s work of leading flight crews in the Navy as a Patrol Plane Pilot, guiding and developing advertising agency account and corporate marketing teams, and attracting top job candidates for my search clients.  In the last twelve years, I have been helping dozens of young, mid- and late-career men and women “find rewarding work, not just a job.”

Summarizing My Career Coach Experience for Others

I hope you look into the book, Your Crystal Clear Career Path, on Amazon and consider buying it for yourself or for those at any age who are seeking employment, considering a career change, or simply trying to reenergize their career.

Also, you might think about writing a book about your own professional or personal passion. You might surprise yourself as to how good a book you have inside yourself.

Thank you and good luck!

This post was contributed by Peter Engler, Individual and Team Coach at the Engler Career Group.

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About Peter Engler

Peter Engler is a career consultant (englercareergroup.com / 415.601.2444), frequent MENG contributor to MENG blogs and webinars on career strategies, and a first time fiction author. His new novel, "New & Improved! A Political Thriller," follows the exploits of an ex-Navy fighter pilot and hot shot Madison Avenue creative director hired to write for an American President's re-election campaign (available on Amazon.com). During his "business hours," he helps executives across the country "achieve career success through career clarity."

2 Responses to "What I Learned as an Executive and Career Coach"

  • Marcie Wiehagen
    August 7, 2014 - 07:47 Reply

    Thanks, Peter! Even when we know what we should do, we need the guidelines and coaches to point (push?!) us in the right direction. I look forward to reading your book.

  • Amit Agarwal
    October 1, 2014 - 04:02 Reply

    This blog has bee very inspirational ..Thanks for posting. Its really necessary to consult a career coach when someone need a change in career, seeking job or any confusion with employment.

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