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The Multicultural Millennials Are Amercia

The Multicultural Millennials, 18 – 34, Now Have More African-Americans and Hispanics than Whites

When  new census data is released every ten years, marketers tout the changes as bringing opportunity for business and commerce.  The Millennial 18-34 segment is often considered desirable for brand building and taste making.

At the same time, many of America’s largest Fortune 1,000 have failed to actively embrace the multicultural Millennials market in their major advertising and marketing initiatives.  If your brand is the exception, then please excuse this generalization.  I have first hand personal experience with many of America’s largest brands that appear to be scared of embracing multiculturalism in anything more than a token effort amounting to less than 5% of their total marketing budget.

Following this path, many of America’s advertising agencies have been merged into large holding companies to the point where once hot trend setting Hispanic or African-American shops have now been absorbed into a diluted quagmire of general marketing that rarely realizes the full potency of ethnic or multicultural Millennials marketing.  From my 20 years of marketing experience, I cannot help feeling some of America’s largest brands are afraid of being known as multicultural for fear of offending non-ethnic customers.

Pew Research published a report by Paul Taylor on April 10, 2014 titled The Next America.  As you can see from the graphic below, America is multicultural.  And the graphic below that, which I researched from the U.S. Census, is even more startling because it focuses in only on 25-39 year olds from 2013 census data.

Changing Face of America Leading to Multicultural Millennials
How 2013 Census Supports Multicultural Millennial Marketing

The chart above demonstrates, of course, the multicultural Millennials, and it is split in almost equal thirds between African-Americans, Hispanics, and─dare I say it─the now white minority in this age group.

Did you get that?  The now white minority in the multicultural Millennial age group.

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About Jim Bilello

Jim Bilello is a 20 year veteran advertising and marketing professional, Millennial and Hispanic marketing expert with an M.S. Degree, and an Advanced Google Certification for AdWords. US Marketing is a Google Agency Partner located in Lake Forest, IL north of Chicago. For more information about US Marketing please visit his website using the link below.

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