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Last “Hurrah” for Direct Mail? … Ha!

Direct Mail Can Do More than Email

I keep reading posts and highly filtered reports on how email marketing is better than direct mail.  I read these reports and smirk because they tend to have a specific perspective or agenda.  I want to believe perspective but imagine it’s more “agenda.”

The reality is that while there may be more email marketing happening (and I revel when I hear more companies relying on it), it doesn’t mean it’s more effective.  I would say that email marketing is efficient, but if you rely most of your outreach on email marketing, you are really just being more efficient and less effective.

Sure, email marketing is great with existing clients who will likely open your email, but it’s not nearly as effective as direct mail.  Just look at your email inbox. Now look at your actual desk inbox.  Which is more full?  More than likely your email inbox.  And you’ll spend a lot of your mobile phone time triaging your email inbox to clean out all the junk email you receive.

This leaves direct mail as a great tool to actually get response and convey information you want.  Matter of fact, you can combine both and include new interactive direct mail recorded videos.

Just remember that no matter what tool you use, it’s all about the response rate.  Measure for yourself and see what works better and has a better ROI before thinking direct mail is on its “swan song.”

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Eric Webb is the CEO of Savvi Shopping (Clear Choice) Interest-free Shopping. He is an innovative marketing and business leader with proven success at increasing leads and sales of multimillion dollar organizations. Eric has helped startups get organized, optimize production, and build strategies that drive growth.

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