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The Balance between Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Delivering both Marketing Strategy and Execution

Throughout my career in marketing, I’ve found people falling into one of two camps: marketing strategy or implementation. In most cases, people start out as an implementer and then become strategist over time.

The problem is as you become a strategist focused primarily on marketing strategy, you tend to neglect learning more about how to implement. This creates a gap for you, and while you can come up with good strategies, you are likely to falter on the implementation side because you just don’t understand the nuances of a new channel or lack the knowledge to pick the best tools.

The best remedy I have found for this is to take the same courses you ask your people to take. You may be a senior executive now but your strategies will only become better if you at least sit in that SEO course or Marketing Automation instruction you set up for your team. For example, I’ve provided a young staff member a sales coach and am reading the course work material as if I were taking the course. This will help me better understand the demands and what expectations I should set for the implementation a marketing strategy.

I’ve done this throughout my career. I have found it to make me a better strategist as well as a better boss because I then better understand what it takes to implement the strategy and exactly how it will get done.

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About Eric Webb

Eric Webb is the CEO of Savvi Shopping (Clear Choice) Interest-free Shopping. He is an innovative marketing and business leader with proven success at increasing leads and sales of multimillion dollar organizations. Eric has helped startups get organized, optimize production, and build strategies that drive growth.

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