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Using Education to Support Both Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Moving Strategy and Ideas to Plans and Action

In a recent post, Eric Webb addressed how to use education to bridge any gaps that exist between Marketing Strategists and Marketing Implementers. As we are deep into the planning season, many marketers are developing strategy even as other marketers are tasked with implementing programs that were put into the pipeline more than a year ago. Strategists may be holding planning sessions somewhere other than the day to day working environment to allow themselves an opportunity to step away from their regular responsibilities as they consider the impact of their deliverables on the organization’s goals.

At the same time as the plan sessions are taking place, the marketing implementers continue to work on the details of campaigns and initiatives. Strategy and implementation are two distinct skillsets that, when combined, create and deliver the effective communications that drive an organization’s growth. And even as both work within the marketing function, I am an advocate for Eric’s suggestion that strategists take the same classes marketing managers take.

There is no doubt that in today’s data-driven communications that excellence in execution of the strategy is an absolute necessity. Program implementation requires focus to gather and check the elements that go into relevant and targeted communications. It can be daunting for any strategist to look at the detail that goes into implementing marketing initiatives. And, it can be just as hard for the program manager to step away from the exacting detail and consider the broader picture.

An organization’s marketing is most effective when the strategist and the implementer understand each other. Using ongoing education along with regular communications throughout the year can help the strategist see marketing through the eyes of the implementer. If you or someone you know is looking for ideas on implementation or strategy, check out the AMA Executive Circle blog to find a wide-range of topics about marketing.

Besides the benefit of understanding colleagues’ roles better, I always feel more invigorated when I have the opportunity to learn a new topic. Whether it’s being with other people (mostly online but still learning the same material) or simply having access to new material, taking time to learn allows strategists and implementers to return to day-to-day activities with ideas, energy, and focus.

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Marcie is a senior marketing consultant with more than 20 years experience in brand, acquisition, and retention marketing. She is based outside of New York City where her focus is on the UHNW (Ultra Hight Net Worth) segment as well as businesses. She is currently engaged in a data driven CRM project and deep in numbers that describe the UHNW segment

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