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10 Tips on How to Avoid/Handle Social Media Messes

Avoiding/Handling Social Media Messes How is it that company after company trips itself up in the social media space? GoDaddy. Aflac. Chrysler. Nestle. Kenneth Cole. Qantas. The list of social media messes is long and fascinating. There’s lots of advice on the Web for marketers hoping to protect their brands from the same fate, and I’ll offer my two cents here with 10 tips for avoiding/handling social media messes. If …Read More

In-store vs. Web—Betting on the Store

“Why can’t you be more like your big sister?” Does this approach ever work? Not very often. What such a comparison can do is produce a sibling that spends years trying to be someone he’s not, losing ground, rather than trying to identify and build up his own assets. In-store vs. Web Phenomenon I am beginning to have this same sensation when I read articles heralding the arrival of the …Read More

Steve Jobs: A Failure to Learn From

As a marketer and human being, I was tremendously saddened by the death of Steve Jobs. Every homage to him, every video, every magazine cover, every shrine feels right and well-deserved. But there is another side of Steve Jobs that is important as well. Steve Jobs was a failure. Not once but several times over. How about the Apple II? Or Lisa? Now that was a spectacular failure. Though significant …Read More

So IS The Customer Always Right? Not Always!

Sometimes great minds think alike, don’t you think? As my clients can attest, I have become obsessed with an article in BusinessWeek about corporate-marketing-executive-turned entrepreneur Susan Nethero. During her years working at Xerox, Time Inc., and other companies, Nethero grew tired of the fact that a product she absolutely needed – a product that manufacturers knew she needed and would pay (a lot) for – was never available with the …Read More

Winning Over Digital Customers in the Last 3…Clicks?

The Customer and the Last 3 “Clicks” A fellow MENG member, Stephen Denny, has written a new book, Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath in Your Industry. The chapter titled “Winning in the Last Three Feet” plays to my particular devotion to brands that understand that the moment of contact with a consumer is the most precious in the entire marketing life cycle, or – put differently – that …Read More

Social Media, Shiny Objects and the Goal Line

A Marketer’s Ode to Social Media I love social media. Twitter is tantalizing Facebook is fabulous Tumblr is terrific I participate every day, and I sprinkle it on all my food for that extra tingly burst of engagement. But as a marketer focused on delivering results, my personal early warning system is picking up a tiny signal I don’t like, and it’s this: social media’s shiny object moment is ending …Read More

Small Customer Service Changes Can Make a Big Difference

The Horror Stories of Customer Service Anyone remember Mona Shaw? I wrote about her in March, 2008 after Comcast stepped on her last nerve and she smashed every computer, phone, and keyboard within swinging distance at their local office. She was upset, and understandably so — it’s worth re-reading the story if you have the time. Many of the customer service horror stories we hear are characterized by just this …Read More

12 Marketing Tips From Santa: The Most Trusted Marketer Ever

Is Santa the best marketer ever? Perhaps. Consider the evidence! Here are 12 Marketing Tips we could learn from Santa: Marketing Tip #1: Long-term reputation management No steroid use or bogus investment schemes here. Ever. Take Coca-Cola with its 80-year investment in the big guy. Do you think that Coke worries that a YouTube video will surface, showing 7-year-old girls making lead-laden toys in the Korean outpost of Santa’s Workshop …Read More

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