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Multicultural Marketing

Meet The Woman Who Helped Hundreds Succeed In STEM

“People think diversity is just a number you have to achieve,” Maung-Gaona says. “It’s not about that — it’s about culture of belonging and access to opportunities, and so much more.” - Sandra Diaz, MENG Curator

Recent studies show that diverse groups of scientists may be more successful in problem solving than homogenous groups. It’s troubling, then, that onlRead More

Why Focusing On Cross-Cultural Consumers Is Essential For The Growth Of Your Brand

21 of the 25 most-populated U.S. counties are already majority multicultural, requiring a marketing approach that is not siloed but instead leverages personal interest in other cultures. - Sandra Diaz, MENG Curator

Multiculturalism is no longer optional, but a foundational factor in business and marketing. Put another way, if your brand isn’t focused on reaching multicultural consumers, you are overlooking more than half of potential customers.Read More

Millennials and Branded Content: 8 Infallible Ways Brands Can Connect with Millennials

Ways include making the content valuable and interesting by being more familiar and telling the story of the brand. - Sandra Diaz, MENG Curator

Engaging the Millennial consumer is crucial to Corporate America’s marketing plans. Branded content plays a key role in this effort. Get the research substantiating branded content efforts and read about 8 surefire ways brands can connect with millennials (Partner Message).Read More

Meet the Hispanic Holiday Shopper: Bringing Brands MORE – UnivisionUnivision

Hispanics can drive significant holiday volume since they celebrate both American holidays and country of origin holidays - Sandra Diaz, MENG Curator

In my last post, I introduced you to the Hispanic consumer: the consumer that brings brands MORE. Now I’d like to drill down a bit and explore how this consumer brings brands more during the all-important Holiday shopping season. For many Hispanics, celebrations and shopping go hand-in-hand, which is a plus for your brand. Hispanics love… Read more »Read More

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