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How To Find, Select and Manage a Consultant

I have spent half my career as a line manager, in Marketing, Operations, Sales, and General Management. During that time I have been a CMO of two Fortune 500 companies, and President of a Fortune 100 company. I have used large strategy consultants such as McKinsey and Booz as well as mid-sized firms and individual consultants. As a consultant, I have been a partner in a large firm and founded …Read More

I’ve Been “Consulting.” So What Do I Call Myself?

by Matt Gill My rough estimation of the number of senior marketing execs who have converted to independent consultants in the last three years has doubled.   Some made this transition by design but most out of necessity as the economy plunged.  Now, as the market returns, marketing professionals are challenged with how to represent their experience, on paper as well as in an interview format.  Some of the most …Read More

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