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In-store vs. Web—Betting on the Store

“Why can’t you be more like your big sister?” Does this approach ever work? Not very often. What such a comparison can do is produce a sibling that spends years trying to be someone he’s not, losing ground, rather than trying to identify and build up his own assets. In-store vs. Web Phenomenon I am beginning to have this same sensation when I read articles heralding the arrival of the …Read More

Small Customer Service Changes Can Make a Big Difference

The Horror Stories of Customer Service Anyone remember Mona Shaw? I wrote about her in March, 2008 after Comcast stepped on her last nerve and she smashed every computer, phone, and keyboard within swinging distance at their local office. She was upset, and understandably so — it’s worth re-reading the story if you have the time. Many of the customer service horror stories we hear are characterized by just this …Read More

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