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The Tyranny of Budgets – Blow Them Up!

“We can’t do that because it’s not in the budget.” How often have you heard that – or said it? On the surface it seems to be a reasonable thing to say. Yet in many cases, it is utter nonsense. It implies a static view of the business in which spending and profits are unconnected. Clearly, if this is true, then we are denying a linkage between the two. Furthermore, it …Read More

Marketing Executives’ Focus on Social Media ROI Should Lift The Role Of Analytics

MENG and Anderson Analytics Release Research There’s a lot of promise in research released yesterday by the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) and Anderson Analytics. MENG is a national group representing senior marketing executives from across industries. Until the revolution when digital marketers claim their rightful place as eCMOs or some such, these are the people who green-light online plans. (At this point, I should say that I’m a MENG …Read More

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