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8 Ways to Manage Negative Publicity

It’s hard to predict, and even harder to handle appropriately. It may come in the form of a Google Alert, a phone call inviting comment, or an email from a customer or colleague. You, or your company, is being criticized in public. Some say there’s no such thing as negative publicity, but most businesses who’ve been on the receiving end of harsh coverage or public criticism would disagree. Yet the …Read More

Goldman Sachs and the Cost of Bad PR

What’s a reputation worth? For most businesses, there’s the obvious cost of bad PR and negative publicity. Sure, a few are still stuck in the “any PR is good PR” camp. And then there are those for whom public perception simply doesn’t matter. A year ago, I would have put Goldman Sachs in that category. With a track record of breathtaking profitability, a well-deserved reputation for arrogance, and no public-facing businesses, it could afford to …Read More

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