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11 Easy Improvements for Your Resume

Follow these 11 easy improvements to make your resume stand out. Improvement 1: Be Honest It’s not that many executives include a blatant fallacy such as an invented degree or job. Unfortunately, I often read cleverly written descriptions that can be misinterpreted positively, which can blow up in the interview, reference checking, or background checks. Improvement 2: Tailor Your Resume As marketers, we know it’s best to segment and target …Read More

Never Use a Functional Resume

Never means never. I’ve been reviewing resumes for several years for MENG and have never (that word again) seen a functional resume that was worth considering [A functional resume organizes information by skill sets and accomplishments rather than the more standard specific positions, titles, and reverse chronology]. A functional resume immediately communicates to an executive recruiter that you are hiding something. These are some negatives that I’ve seen executives trying …Read More

11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume

Reviewing more than 125 resumes for MENG members during the past four years, I discovered that many could be improved easily. These 11 tips on how to improve your resume are taken from my recent MENG webinar, “How to Improve Your Resume in Sixty Minutes,” which is available to members at mengonline.com where you also can find my previous blog providing seven more “easy” improvements. 1. The “No’s” Improve your …Read More

I’ve Been “Consulting.” So What Do I Call Myself?

by Matt Gill My rough estimation of the number of senior marketing execs who have converted to independent consultants in the last three years has doubled.   Some made this transition by design but most out of necessity as the economy plunged.  Now, as the market returns, marketing professionals are challenged with how to represent their experience, on paper as well as in an interview format.  Some of the most …Read More

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