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Understanding Competitive Threats

Great brands stumble when they fail to respond to competitive threats. Motorola, Kodak, Blackberry, Nokia, Best Buy, Blockbuster and Zocor, for example, all struggled when competitors attacked. Don’t underestimate the risk of a competitive threat! One of the reasons business executives fail to defend effectively is that they simply underestimate the risk. When a competitive development looks like a small threat, it is hard to justify a major defensive effort. …Read More

3 Reasons Defensive Strategy Matters

Importance of Defensive Strategy If you are leading a business, your top priority must be defending your brand from competitive attacks. People love to focus on growth. Business teams spend months developing marketing plans designed to deliver incremental sales and profits. Brand managers flock to conferences that explain how to use social media to engage customers, drive growth, and develop new products to address unmet needs. As P&G CEO Bob …Read More

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