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15 Twitter tips to make you follow-worthy – Daily Genius

Great info graph to help you get your Twitter account in order. Worth a quick read. - Darcy Bevelacqua, MENG Curator

Would you want to follow your own Twitter account? If you were someone else – a random Internet user for example – and you came across your Twitter account, would that account be follow-worthy? Would you want to keep up with what this account tweets and perhaps even retweet or *gasp* direct message the person […]Read More

Social Customer Service: It’s What Consumers Want

“Your Tweet Is Important to Us, Please Remain on Twitter” Nearly half of consumers turn to social media for customer service. Companies are struggling mightily to keep pace. Here’s the latest on how Americans think about social customer service and the huge shift companies must make to meet their expectations (Hint: responding to the 58% of consumer tweets about product issues that currently go unanswered is a start.) Consumers Expect …Read More

10 Tips on How to Avoid/Handle Social Media Messes

Avoiding/Handling Social Media Messes How is it that company after company trips itself up in the social media space? GoDaddy. Aflac. Chrysler. Nestle. Kenneth Cole. Qantas. The list of social media messes is long and fascinating. There’s lots of advice on the Web for marketers hoping to protect their brands from the same fate, and I’ll offer my two cents here with 10 tips for avoiding/handling social media messes. If …Read More

12 Personal Branding Tools You Must Be Using

Personal Branding I started to seriously work on my personal brand back in 2007 when I left my ”real job” and started what is now the Content Marketing Institute. I can honestly say that working on my online brand was the #1 thing that moved us from a company of ”1” to a real organization. Although I’ve refined my approach over the years, here are 12 tools and activities that are a …Read More

Google+ and Early Lessons for CMOs

The launch of Google’s new social network (Google+) has poignant significance for CMOs—in predictable and surprising ways.  The launch is significant because Google+ is an exciting new social venue with the potential to disrupt. But even more importantly, it can teach us how the ecosystem works and how organizations can learn to use it to garner support for things they care about. Here I’ll outline my first impressions and give …Read More

Radically Open, Socially Connected Risk: Deal with It.

In my last dispatch, I warned that the rise of a radically more open, socially connected marketplace is creating new risks. Many fall into the “we know they’re out there but don’t have a handle on them yet” category. Unfortunately these risks can cost your brand, your leadership, and your bottom line dearly (see my previous MENG Blend post Why Marketing Must Dive into the Operating Deep Water).I issued my …Read More

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