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Marketing Automation: What is it and which vendors are offering the best quality services? – October 2015

Sampling of our other topics for MENG members only:

Ad Agency Contracting – Is the request for a 2 year, no termination contract standard
Ad campaigns that transformed businesses
Advertiser retention rates
Advertising Claims Attorney
Advertising Consistency
Advertising Network Company Recommendation
Advice: Sending cold / unsolicited emails / list rental
Advisory Board Compensation
Affiliate network for eCommerce
Affinity Cards question
Agencies specializing in retail
Agency Evaluation Form
Agency Mark-up on Expense Reimbursement?
Agency Recommendations
Agency RFP
amazon “sponsored links” ads
Amazon External Ads
American English to Canadian French Translations
Any experience with Techstars Startup Accelerator?
Anyone still working with cities/people affected by the Asian tsunami?
Appointment Setters
Awareness lift correlation to sales increase
B2B Content Marketing Agencies in NYC
B2B or B2B2C Business Case for a Brand
B2B telemarketing firm
Benchmark Data for Marketing and Communications Spending
Best B2B Blogs
Best Practice Guidelines for B2B Blog
Best Practice promotional examples
Best Practices for Selling IT Products with Hybrid Overseas CC and Slim US Operations
Best Press Release service
Best Source for Customer Lists
best time of year to survey the b2b segment
Best way to get paid by Asian client
Best Webinar Hosting Services
Best-in-Class Package Design firm
Biz Dev/Sales Support Resource Targeting Bix Box Retail
Blackberry Contacts
Blog Copywriting – What to Charge?
Blogging Metrics
Brand Naming: Linguistics & Connotation Screening
Branding & Messaging Template
Cell phone policy
Central and South American Direct Mail
Changing Email Providers
Checking academic credentials outside U.S.
Client/Agency Performance Review Form
Clinical Research Organizations in Japan
Cloud Business Summit NYC Nov 12 – Free Passes for MENG (regularly $995)
Connections to Influencers for Cause Marketing
Connections to marketing leadership at Expedia and Orbitz
Consultant or employee? How to sell myself into an organization as a consultant rather than as an employee?
Consultants Best Practices Survey
Content Marketing Agency Recommendations
Content Marketing Agency Selection Criteria
Cost efficient trademark resources
CPG Trade Promotion Management Software recommendation
Discussion about Onboarding Process for Marketing Automation Platforms
E-Commerce Web Platform for Consumer Startup
E-Mail Governance and Management
Evaluation of Agency Market Value
Example microsites by leading B2B brands?
Examples of a brand narrowing its focus?
Examples of brands that dealt with category decline
Forrester Research study on “2015 B2B Budget Trends” – Call for participants
FourSquare/Yelp App Developer
Franchise Marketing and NAF Reporting
Gambling ad networks
Geo Mapping Software
Guerrilla Marketing Agency
Guest blogging and / or public speaking?
Guidelines for transfer of twitter handle? Any experience?
Trade Marketing Training Recommendations
Trade Promotion Optimization Consultants?
Trademark Search and Registration
Training ‘numbers people’ to improve writing skills
Use of Gaming to Drive B2B Customer Engagement
Using a Sweepstakes as a Survey Incentive
Value of INC 500 Submission
Virtual reality market
What does the perfect (small) networking event look like?
Who is Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Facebook Custom Audiences

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