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NY Chapter Event

Date: November 3, 2014
Time: 17:30  to  20:00

PROGRAM: Consultants Roundtable

DATE: Monday, November 3


Networking 5:30-6:15 p.m.
Program 6:15 to 8 p.m.

RSVP by Thursday, October 30 at http://members.mengonline.com/e/in/eid=215

You are welcome to invite a MENG-eligible colleague to join you.

Calling All Consultants

We’re having our first Business Consultant Roundtable, led by small business consultant Heather Markel. Come to share best practices and other ideas, solve problems and brainstorm about opportunities. 

Among other topics, the discussion will include:

  •  How to package services so the client understands their value.
  • How to make sure we are speaking the same language in the sales/moonlighting process.
  • How to provide a safe space for our clients so they feel nurtured, and also free to get the value from us they want.     
  • As service providers, how to make sure we are in integrity about what we can, and can not provide value (when to turn business away).  
  • How to handle a dissatisfied client.

Be sure to bring your on pressing issues and discussion items. If there’s a demand, we can hold more roundtables like this.

Thanks to Chelsea Pendock for recommending Heather, to Michael Bendit for hosting the meeting, and to Bruce Segall for reminding me that this kind of cross-pollination is important to MENG members.

RSVP by Thursday, October 30 at http://members.mengonline.com/e/in/eid=215

About Heather Markel
Heather Markel is consultant to small businesses, working with business owners to develop unique marketing strategies that help their business stand out. A certified life coach, she is the founder of The BullBuster Café [http://thebullbustercafe.com/] and The BullBuster Boardroom

PLEASE NOTE: About The Registration Deadlines

Please note the registration deadlines for each event. Why are they important? Because we are guests of companies that must input all of our names into their buildings’ security systems. This requires that a company employee make the time to do this. In the case of Lee Hecht Harrison, that time is Thursday night.

So if you request a late registration, you are asking LHH to take time away from a staff member’s work day to do tasks for MENG. That is not a very gracious request on the part of MENG! 

Here’s How To Make Sure You Don’t Miss A Deadline:  
Read your MENG email, search for “RSVP” and then RSVP immediately. It is perfectly OK if you are undecided, or find out later that you can’t attend. It is better to be “in the system” than to have to request an exception for yourself.

Thanks for understanding!

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