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Marketing Automation: What is it and which vendors are offering the best quality services?

Marketing AutomationMarketing automation companies often claim to make the most sophisticated marketing software in the world. But how well do they actually use it? In a first-of-its-kind study, The Angles Report™ tracked 21 marketing-automation companies  and documented over 200 marketing activities. Companies expected to be winners turned out to be losers. Companies barely heard of absolutely killed it. There were gamblers that we could tell were just bluffing. And investors with fantastic programs, who seemed to be sitting on the sidelines. Published by Angles, Inc., a Los Angeles-based online marketing agency, The Angles Report documents the best and worst practices of the biggest companies, in the most competitive industries, so you can be the best in yours.

The Angles Report™ | Marketing Automation | Excerpt.pdf  is an excerpt for visitors.

The Angles Report™ | Marketing Automation | MENG.pdf  is the entire report, for MENG members.

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