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You have unique questions. Get specialized answers

As an accomplished business executive, you need sophisticated solutions. At the American Marketing Association Executive Circle, we’re home to high-achieving professionals who want to share their expertise, as well as receive valuable resources, advice and friendship from established executives.

AMA Executive Circle attracts entrepreneurs, seasoned consultants, executives from big brands and professors from prestigious colleges. It’s the diversity of our members and their willingness to help each other that makes AMA Executive Circle a great community.

Beyond access to this exclusive member group, you also be a part of the AMA. We’re the largest professional marketing association in the world working to discover what’s coming next in the industry.

Explore the membership benefits below and learn more about how you can accelerate your career and influence your organization by becoming a part of the AMA Executive Circle.

Instant Access to a Network of Experts

Ask your business question and get a quick answer. AMA Executive Circle members accept requests from each other, and it’s the power of collective knowledge that brings you the answers you need from a trusted network of seasoned professionals.

Job Opportunities

Recruiters are attracted to our select group of executives and often come to our members, exclusively, to fill positions. But our members also have many connections and post senior positions that are not available through typical channels.

Free OneSource Database Access

The OneSource database has nearly 1 million companies listed, most of which have over $5 million in revenues. Companies are from around the world, with 72% in the US, 8% in Canada, 17% in Mexico and 3% outside of North America. Pull a list for a mailing or research a company any time of day for free.

Exclusive Content

You get a double dose of unique marketing content. The AMA Executive Circle Knowledge Base library is full of helpful resources produced by senior executives. Plus, we add-on exclusive AMA articles, webcasts, e-books and original research curated from marketing’s top thought leaders.

Local Events and Chapters

There are 70+ AMA professional chapters in North America. You’ll find these are communities that not only provide in-person networking and training opportunities, but also a place where you can lead and mentor other aspiring marketers.

AMA Marketer's Toolkit

Our library of 100+ templates, dashboards and decision-making tools help you save time, stay organized and make more educated business decisions.

AMA Publications

Your membership includes a subscription to award-winning Marketing News and a second AMA publication of your choice.

Applications will be accepted after January  2018 after relaunching. If you are interested in receiving information when we have relaunched please send that request to rbardos@ama.org.

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