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NOTE: MENG membership is for executives who earn over $160k. MENG members are accomplished senior executives with sales and marketing experience e in a variety of industries, including agency ad corporate experience. If you have an open position, whether open to the public or closed, our administrator will make sure the position is distributed among MENG members while respecting the need to keep some information blind or hidden.

Submissions are sent to one or more email lists that are subscribed to by those MENG members searching for new positions. This is the simplest, fastest, and most direct way to reach qualified applicants. We do require our partners to provide a return email address so that MENG members can reply to you directly. Please fill out the following to submit a job posting.

  • (may remain \"cloaked\", then \"Industry\" can be indicated)
  • Include here Salary range, Bonus, Equity, and other types of compensation
  • The Job opportunity in details

  • Include here scope, duties, goals, number of direct reports, travel requirements, etc
  • Please specify the 2-3 \"must have\" requirements, if appropriate. This is essential so that both recruiter and candidate expectations are clarified.
  • How to contact Hiring Company or Recruiter Representative, name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, and website address and special information required.
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
    You can additionally upload a job description file in Word or PDF format
  • Submitter contact information


In regards to cloaked or blind postings please note: Since we realize there may be special circumstances requiring the hiring party to be kept confidential, MENG allows cloaked or blind job postings. However, since some blind leads are posted simply for the purpose of collecting resumes. we suggest that our members proceed with caution whenever the company is not identified.

We have also noticed over the years that blind posts do not generate the same quality or quantity of responses that open postings do. Therefore, to assist all parties, we strongly recommend that the hiring companies be listed whenever feasible.

If the hiring company cannot be listed, it helps to describe the reason(s) for cloaking the job. This information will help our membership understand why the job is cloaked and, depending on the stated reason(s), increase the posting’s response rate.”

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